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I was beginning to think my sex life was over at 60. This product has done more for me than what my gynecologist prescribed.
Ronda C.


I sleep well and stay asleep all night now! My joints are far less achy. I’ve noticed a more balanced feeling overall to my moods. I highly recommend it
Charlotte S.


This stuff works!!! Both myself and my husband use it along with our son. I work at a Hospital and our son is an EMT so stress levels are constantly high at work.
Michele S.





Author of A Forecast for Health and entrepreneur with 20+ years experience in bioidentical hormone products, and hormone and genetic testing, I have a passion for helping women find health solutions that work. As a former teacher, I can never get enough of learning—and talking about—the science of health.


Parlor Games is the brainchild of Kate Wells and Kirsti Hegg. Best friends since 1998, Kirsti turned to Kate for help when her body betrayed her after menopause. Together, they realized that women need science, solutions & sisterhood for the second half of life, and so Parlor Games was born. Together they are saving the world, one vagina at a time.


  • How to heal the pain in your lady bits & end unwanted abstinence

  • Is your doctor useless around menopause?

  • What your mother never told you about vaginal atrophy

  • What the heck is causing this mid-life incontinence?

  • Where's my post-menopause get up and go?

  • 37 Weird menopause symptoms & how to end them for good

Welcome to Menopause 101 - Your new favorite science class

No one is writing love poems to their vacuum cleaner. No one goes home and stares at it lovingly. No one keeps their vacuum in a special gilded cupboard on a velvet cushion. But, without it, your house would be filled with dust, dirt, hair, and grime within a week. Say you spill a bag of chips? Who's the hero then?


We know what you’re thinking, Wonder Woman obviously doesn’t get incontinence! But do you know why? Because she obviously uses a comprehensive program of low dose estriol cream and a shitload (that’s the scientific term) of Kegels. Obviously.

When it comes to things you think you need, what makes the cut? Chocolate? Wine? Well, when it comes to what you actually need, we know one thing for sure - you definitely need progesterone.

Estrogen is estrogen is estrogen.... right? ❌ Nope, not all estrogens are created equal, and it is crucial that you know how different estrogens play a role in our bodies. Read on to find out...

Wondering how you can have a Zen-o-pause? Well, we talk about diet and exercise a lot, both of which are key factors in mitigating things like stress, hot flashes, mood disruption, weight gain, and sleep problems - and you can read more about diet and exercise in these blogs! However, these are certainly not the only two things that can help with menopause. Here, we've listed our Top Five Tips to turn your Menopause into a Zen-o-pause!